Key Points
  • System gaps and challenges where are the weaknesses that are being capitalised on by perpetrators?
  • How modern slavery legislation can be used to prosecute perpetrators
  • Links between CCE, CSE and radicalisation
  • Improving the response to repeated missing episodes
  • Contextual safeguarding what is working in practice?
  • Building a relationship of trust with parents, siblings and victims
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‘County lines’ is a serious and growing safeguarding issue. Gangs and organised crime networks groom and exploit children to sell drugs, often requiring them to travel across counties. No one really knows how many children and young people are involved in county lines, however all 44 police forces reported county lines activity in 2018. It is estimated that there are over 2000 county lines in operation across the UK, with a single line capable of making £800,000 profits in a year.

The workshop will equip you with the latest policy and best practice in tackling county lines to improve your response to children and young people at risk of or who are already being exploited.

Our Workshop Leader:

Founder with personal insight into county lines, Stop and Prevent Adolescent Exploitation (SPACE)

Devastating personal experience of county lines, required our workshop leader to trigger and test every professions response and interventions currently available. With a law-enforcement professional background, encompassing operational and technical knowledge of modern slavery, SPACE can offer a unique perspective and narrative on county lines.

From this experience, emerged an organisation with a mission to safeguard children and young people entrenched in county lines and better support their families.


SPACE provides guidance, advocacy and campaigns for numerous changes in the current response.

SPACE trains and equips front-line professionals as well as medical practitioners, schools, colleges, voluntary groups, charities, community groups, parents and the wider community who encounter county lines. Lived experience and insights as well as operational knowledge are shared into all aspects of prevention, support, and awareness for communities and young people at risk.

SPACE has quickly become the go-to organisation on county lines, particularly on the current professional response to child exploitation, and where it needs to change to be child-centred and ensure safeguarding is at the heart of any intervention.

Comments from past attendees at SPACE workshops

‘I really feel that the day took peoples understanding to a completely heightened level as it did with me and has enabled me think of ways in which we keep this issue on the agenda. The most ‘REAL’ event I have ever attended (I’ve attended hundreds) and what was striking is that although it was a long day and required much attention - people stayed until the end, gripped by the info.’

Tony Ormond, Department for Work and Pensions

‘Deeply moving and thought provoking this session really does highlight the issues surrounding CCE and County Lines. This has helped us further develop our safeguarding strategies for NCS this Summer.’

Isabelle Allison, NCS Trust

‘SPACE gave a fantastic presentation at event we arranged across 6 North West forces for police and partners. As a professional I was inspired and learnt a lot. Cannot recommend enough.’

DCI Chris Mossop NW ROCU (Titan)


08:30 - 09:00
Registration, Coffee and Networking


09:00 - 11:00
County Lines Insights from A Personal Journey

  • Professional responses to reports of child criminal exploitation
  • The dual victim/perpetrator status of exploited children
  • Serious youth violence and knife crime and related trauma
  • Links between Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Radicalisation
  • Modern slavery and the National Referral Mechanism
  • Challenges in the social care placement setting (often proposed as a solution to persistent missing episodes).

11:00 - 11:30
Refreshments and Networking Break


11:30 - 13:30
Identifying Children and Young People at Risk of County Lines Activity

  • Comprehensive county lines signs/indicators through lived insight
  • The grooming process
  • Types of children targeted and tactics, including mindsets, vulnerabilities and pull factors  

    Preventing and Responding to Repeated Missing Episodes  
    Persistent missing episodes are common among children and young people involved in county lines activity. This session will explore practical strategies to improve responses to missing episodes including Return Home Interviews, and the reporting process as well as the risks with social media appeals.  

    System Gaps and Challenges

  • Issues around transition and consent
  • How can police, local authorities, Youth Offending Teams, CAMHS, schools improve responses and interventions?  

  • Utilising Modern Slavery Legislation to Prosecute Perpetrators  

    County lines is a form of child criminal exploitation which falls under human trafficking. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of using the National Referral Mechanism and Modern Slavery Legislation to tackle county lines.  

    Working Together with Parents and Families of Exploited Children and Young People

  • Challenges in reporting concerns - a parent’s perspective
  • Building trust and improving the outcomes of conversations   
  • 13.10 - 13.30 Questions and Discussion


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Millennium Gloucester Hotel 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LH

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